BeaverAUV is a high school robotics team based out of Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Our teammates are students ranging from grades 9 - 12 with varied experiences. In addition to building and programming our AUV, we work to give all members access to learn about all types of robotics and technologies. There are many moving parts that make our team run. Check out how all of our members are getting involved.

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Our AUV is a light, eight-thrustered vehicle that houses advanced technology. We are constantly updating the mechanical and programmatic aspects of our AUV.

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As a small highschool team, our sponsors are a great help to us. We like to be able to show our patrons that though we are younger than other teams, we still have a strong, motivatied drive in the work that we pursue. We greatly appreciate all of our sponsors that see that quality in our team.

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